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Organ music lamp height calculator


For proper illumination the organ lamp light tube should be approximately 16 inches above the top of the music rack ledge. This will provide plenty of height for most over-sized scores and for turning pages. Your light will be built with the correct height when you order with the Lamp Height as calculated with these measurements (to the nearest 1/4 inch):

A = Measure the distance of the top of the music rack straight down to the top of the console (in inches).

B = Measure the distance from the top of the music rack to the top of the ledge (in inches). NOTE: Measure to the top of the ledge where the music rests (not to the underside of the ledge).

Enter the values of A and B into the height calculator (enter fractions as decimals), then click "Calculate" to arrive at the optimal lamp height.


height calculator

Enter Height "A":
Enter Height "B":

Lamp Height